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Why American bathroom stalls have such large gaps?

American bathroom stalls

Most American bathroom stalls have a large gap between one another, and that seems to be quite an interesting. A lot of people believe this has to do with privacy, but for the most part it’s not really related to that. Sure, privacy is a problem when the American bathroom stalls come with so many gaps. But what you have to consider here is the overall quality and what situation you are handling at this time.

american bathroom stalls

Are the gaps important?

Yes, they are. The reason for that is most American bathroom stalls are created as a single room and no interior walls. They just add the stall walls when the bathroom is completed and that’s it. The walls are mass produced and not custom made. It’s easier to handle the overall costs and that does help a lot if you use it adequately, which is always a very good idea to think about and just enjoy the experience.

The massive gap between the floor and the wall is designed to make cleaning easier. There’s also a gap between the door and jamb is needed because it offers clearance for the hinge and door swing component. If you watch with attention there’s a gap on the latch side too, so that alone can be a very important aspect to think about.

And then you have a gap between the wall and the door jamb. As we mentioned earlier, the panels are made in discrete widths, so you will have to place these in between certain points. That makes the installation process a lot better and more consistent. You will have a simpler access during the installation, yet that removes some of the privacy when people use these American bathroom stalls.

american bathroom stalls

Why is there a privacy problem?

These gaps are uncomfortable for a lot of people, and for a very good reason. A modular design would be better and easier because it delivers stellar privacy without major problems. That being said, the developers don’t always agree to deal with higher costs in a situation like this. And adaptability is key, which is why it makes a lot of sense to go with a bit more expensive American bathroom stalls instead of the cheapest ones on the market.

At the end of the day it’s important to add the right stalls according to your budget. Since most architectural projects rely on reducing costs where possible, it’s easy to see why the American bathroom stalls are the way they are presented here. They need to bring in value without having to cost a lot of money. And at that price point it’s ok. You still get the results you want, although things could be better. You have to understand that most bathroom stalls will be on the expensive side anyways, especially if they are modular. So while people dislike the privacy issues, the reality is that from a reliability standpoint these units are very good. And that’s what really matters for most architects!

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