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Industry-Leading Excellence

With the goal of leading the healthy and orderly development of the industry, Jialifu continues to improve the quality of public toilets.

excellent design

Design Excellence

Our professional design team communicate with all of our prospective clients to ensure that we craft according to your specification. We take into account both materials and aesthetics as we design and build the perfect product for you.

Excellent User Experience

User Experience Excellence

Each product pays careful attention to the end user's experience, using it a benchmark of quality. We recognise that different projects serve different groups of people, different situations, and different environments. Humanization of design, in terms of installation, hardware and design layouts, is thus at the heart of what we do.

Excellent Quality

Quality and Trust

Our products offer a 5-year warranty, and hardware with a lifespan of more than 200,000 uses. Our partition panels are waterproof, fireproof, and mildew-proof

Aesthetic Design

Aesthetic Design

We bring docking experience of hundreds of domestic and foreign, small and large-scale construction projects. Our projects accurately reflects the designer's vision for functional yet beautiful designs.

Humanized Design

We offer efficient door lock styles, better switch methods,
and privacy protection. Our designs include non-slip and heavy loadbearing coat hooks.

Humanized Lock
toilet partition panels

High-quality Materials

We choose only the best materials from leading manufactures and have independently developed custom hardware accessories. Our toilet partitions can be guaranteed for 5 years.