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Environmentally and Earth Friendly While Being Earth Friendly

Jialifu works hard to be a leader in environmental sustainability in the commercial washroom industry. We consider the whole life of our products in relation to the environment, from the manufacturing of the finished product to the end-of-life dismantling and recycling.

Care for our Factory Surroundings

Our manufacturing process is strictly controlled to prevent noise or dust pollution.

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20+ years lifespan

Longer lasting goods are essential for environmental sustainability. With their superior lifespan, our products contribute to better stewardship of materials and reduce the burden of production, maintenance, and renewal on the environment.

Highly prefabricated

Prefabrication is done in the factory as much as possible! This reduces the workload of on-site secondary treatment, thereby reducing the environmental pressure during installation.

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Our products are easy to recycle at the end of life.

Leading by Example

Public toilets will always be a human need and Jialifu satisfies that need with products and services that prioritize both users and the sustainability of the environment.

As a professional toilet partition manufacturer, Jialifu complies with the requirements of FSC Standard for Chain of Custody Certification for all Jialifu's products.

FSC Code: SAI-COC-006581