Plywood Lockers


Plywood is a remarkably strong composite typically made of thin veneers, this material is categorised as E0 grade, with a service life of 8-10 years

plywood locker
Flame Retardant
Easy Clean
Scratch Resistant


Plywood has been one of the most recognized and trusted wood building products for decades. Manufactured from thin sheets of cross-laminated veneer and bonded under heat and pressure with strong adhesives, plywood panels have superior dimensional stability and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and are resistant to impacts, chemicals, and changes in environmental temperature and humidity.

Available Thickness: 9mm, 18mm, 25mm

Customizable Specifications

Jialifu offers 1 tier to 6 tier plywood lockers, the standard size is 300mm*400mm*1900mm. We recommend that you choose one to four column lockers, for it’s a more cost-effective choice. If necessary, we can also customize various sizes.

1 door to 5 doors lockers

Classic Styles

Jialifu will design the plywood lockers as your layout and requirements, and provide free 3D pictures within 24 hours.

Compact Laminate Locker 4
L2001 Series
Compact Laminate Locker 5
L2005 Series
Compact Laminate Locker 1
L2002 Series
Compact Laminate Locker 3
L2006 Series
Compact Laminate Locker 2
L2004 Series
compact laminate locker 6
L2007 Series

Locker Accessories

Jialifu have different Lock options for you, as well as the Number Plates & Ventilation, you can combine them freely.

Lock Options
Lock Options
Number Plates & Ventilation
Number Plates
Lock Wristbands
RFID Lock Wristbands

Featured Cases

Hi! Jump Park

Lockers & Toilet Cubicles Case in Germany

Max Gym

Lockers case in Iraq

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