HPL Wall Claddings


Waterproof, fireproof and impact resistant, with a service life of 15-20 years.

HPL Wall Claddings
Scratch Resistant
Flame Retardant
Easy Clean
compact laminate

HPL Wall Claddings

The compact laminate board is also called HPL board, Phenolic board. It is made of multi-layer black or brown cowhide phenolic or urethane resin, double face decorative color paper that immersed in melamine resin, laminated and pressed on 150°C steel plate at high pressure (1430psi).

ANSI NEMA LD 3-2005 & EN 13501-1:2018, with feature of waterproof, impact resistant and fire-retardant, easy cleaning, reliable quality and durability. Especially suitable for airport, stations, hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums and other places with high traffic.

Suggest Thickness: 4mm & 8mm


The modular design of the Jialifu HPL wall claddings, in addition to making installation quick and easy, it can safely hide all kinds of pipelines in the building, and it is stable and durable, and presents a unique aesthetic at any time.

Hospital Wall Cladding
shopping mall wall cladding
Shopping Mall
Ofiice Wall Cladding
Airport Wall Cladding

Installation Solutions

With a wide range of colors and rich shapes, as well as 5 kinds of installation solutions, Jialifu HPL wall claddings can meet the designer's high requirements.

Ⅰ Direct Stickup Solution
Direct Stickup Wall Cladding

The direct stickup solution is one of the most common construction methods and is suitable for direct gluing after the wall has been made of wood or gypsum board. If it is on-site construction,special attention should be paid to the choice of substrate and glue to ensure the construction quality and avoid bubbling or cracking.

Ⅳ Wooden Keel Stickup Solution
Wooden Keel Stickup Solution

When we use inorganic fiber board as the wall cladding material, Jialifu recommends that you use a wooden keel paste solution. The wooden keel is cheap and easy to construct, has high plasticity, can make any complicated shape such as curves, and has a small deformation coefficient with wood products.

Ⅱ Wall Hanging Solution
Wall Hanging Wall Cladding

The support keel of wall hanging solution is steel or alu minu m alloy profiles, and the special stan dard cleats and adjustable cleats are fixed to the plates for installa-tion. The combination of real and false seams makes it perfect to hide the installation nodes and is more stable, simple and easy to maintain.

Ⅴ Exterior Wall Cladding Solution
Exterior Wall Cladding

The outdoor wall is facing a more severe use environment and has higher requirements for stability. Therefore, while using the aluminum keel scheme, Jialifu adjustedthe horizontal and vertical keel spacing below 300mm to meet this high requirement. For 8mm board, it is recommended to use hanging piece to fix, and 6mm boardcan be fixed with lock nails, which is more convenient and quick.

Ⅲ Aluminum Keel Stickup Solution
Aluminum Keel Stickup Solution

In order to balance construction efficiency and aesthetics in large area wall construction, the keel paste (aluminum square tube) scheme is another option for you. The keel is the main pre-frame structure, supplemented by Jialifu wall panels, can meet the different needs of customers and to highlight their individuality.

Customize Solutions
Customize Solution

After more than 20 years of development, Jialifu exported to 122 countriesand regions around the world, and has joined hands with the industry's topstrategic partners to achieve tens of thousands of engineering projects,which have been widely recognized by clients around the world. We can customize wall cladding solutions as the project details and your requirements.

Technical Details

Jialifu HPL wall claddings can provide a variety of solutions such as wall corners, ceilings, foot cuffs, fire hydrants, circuit control panels, etc. according to customer needs and space conditions.

Inside Corner
Inside Corner
External Corner
External Corner
Fire Hydrant
Fire Hydrant

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