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Powder Coated Toilet Partitions


Class A fire-rating toilet partition material at an affordable price.

powder coated toilet partitions



Welded corners, corners of dividers, pilasters, and doors are welded to each other and to the adjacent face sheets.


L edge treatment for the lock side of doors and pilaster, and round edge at the other side of door.  


Light, workable material means easier, faster and less costly installations.


90% recycled, an excellent choice for environmentally sensitive projects.


Available in a wide selection of colors


No deformation, suitable for various climates around the world

Class A Fire Rating
Easy Clean

Why JIALIFU is better

Since its establishment in 2001, Jialifu has been specializing in the design and manufacture of toilet cubicles, vanities, storage cabinets, IPS duct panels, and doors for commercial projects. We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, FSC certification, SGS, Intertek, TUV test report, national high-tech enterprise certification, and intellectual property management system certification.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Jialifu achieved production of intelligence, datamation and refinement through introducing advanced production machines, including automatic laminate production line, automatic routing and milling production line, automatic edge bonding machine, intelligent cutting machine.

why jialifu is better 1
Production Capacity
One Stop Solution
High Quality

Powder Coated Toilet Partitions Colors

There are hundreds of colors to choose from, and solid colors with proper decoration will leave a modern impression. Wood grain color and marble color will make people feel classic and it would be better used to decorate as luxury and noble.

Product Specifications

Head Rail Braced

This kind of series is popular among general buildings and modern buildings. Floor ­installation and the durable feature of embedded partitions always attract many buyers from schools, research institutes and factories. Headrail mounted toilet cubicle had created one way of installation with high efficiency.

Headrail Braced Toilet Cubicle
Coat Hook
Supporting Leg

Headrail Braced

Suggest height: 2000mm to 2200mm

Suggest depth: 1500-1800mm
Floor clearance: 100mm-150mm


Powder coated top rail in same color as partitions, or stainless steel headrail


Soft-close pivot hinges

Indicator bolt

Stainless steel indicator bolt with emergency release.

Wall fixings

Powder coated U rail in same color as partitions


100mm or 150mm high adjustable leg(other height can be customized), or stainless steel shoe box

Coat hook

Floor Anchored
Floor to Ceiling
Ceiling Hung

Panel Material

powder coated toilet partition board

Jialifu powder coated toilet partition board is built with high strength aviation honeycomb core, double-sided composite hot-dip galvanized steel plate or aluminum plate in 0.5mm to 1mm thick. The surface of galvanized steel can be colored by electrostatic powder coating and printing with various color options and never fade. The board is durable, easy to maintain, firm, non-deformable, and formaldehyde free. (in accordance with ASTM B117-19 & ASTM D1037-12 )

Inner structure
Made by 0.05mm thick aluminum foil, each side of hexagon is 8mm in length. A lightweight core material which offer superior strength and corrosion resistance over commercial grade aluminum honeycomb.

Available Thickness: 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 36mm (18mm-40mm customizable)

Featured Cases

We pride ourselves in participating in over 20,000 completed global projects.

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Powder Coated Toilet Partitions Case in California, USA

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Powder Coated Toilet Partitions Case in Santiago, Chile

Port Louis Cruise Terminal

Powder Coated Toilet Partitions Case in Port Louis, Mauritius

Palau International Airport

HPL Toilet Partitions Case in Palau


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