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VALET & CO SARL Project in New Caledonia

employee lockers+toilet partitions.jpg

When the customers asked for the master key for each locker lock, Jialifu gave a idea for them. The combination lock is a kind of lock that without battery, for employees, they can open the locker door by their own code while the manager can open any doors by a master key.

Here are the details about the project.

  • Name: Employee Lockers

  • Material: HPL panel in 12mm

  • Size: (H)1860*(W)1200*(D)400mm

  • Color Antique white and green

  • Hardware: Combination lock

  • Amount: 4440 sets of lockers and 100 sets of benches

  • Name: HPL Toilet Partition

  • Material: HPL panel in 12mm

  • Color: Antique white, black and iron grey

  • Hardware: 58 series of 304 stainless steel

  • Amount: 36

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