How to Choose Lockers

Jialifu lockers are waterproof, fireproof, moisture resiatant and impact resistant, we have proffesional desiners to make your dream locker be to achieved. We also offer survice like overlong warranty, 24-hours online survice, and so on.

Most durable choice

The HPL board is also called compact laminate board, Phenolic board. It is made of multi-layer black or brown cowhide phenolic or urethane resin, double face decorative color paper that immersed in melamine resin, laminated and pressed on 150°C steel plate at high pressure (1430psi).

It is water resistance, fire resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning, reliable quality and durability. Especially suitable for airport, stations, hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums and other places with high traffic.

Suggest Thickness: 12mm & 9mm

Cost effective choice

Plastic laminate board inner is Chipboard, MDF or Plywood, both side is HPL(compact laminate) board, due to surface is hpl board, the feature is same as HPL, waterproof and fireproof, compact resistant, many color can be choose as well. It is lighter weight than in same thickness of HPL board, easy to move and installation.

Available Thickness: 18mm & 20mm

Eco-friendly choice

Plywood has been one of the most recognized and trusted wood building products for decades. Manufactured from thin sheets of cross-laminated veneer and bonded under heat and pressure with strong adhesives, plywood panels have superior dimensional stability and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and are resistant to impacts, chemicals, and changes in environmental temperature and humidity.

Available Thickness: 9mm, 18mm, 25mm


Still Question About Jialifu Lockers Materials?

Jialifu lockers have rich experience in various applications in different climates in more than 110 countries and regions around the world, leading the development of new lockers production and application fields.

Not sure which material is right for you?

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