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HPL Lockers & Plywood Lockers VS Traditional Lockers

Last week, we talked about the locker material — HPL lockers and plywood lockers, which have been replacing traditional materials generally for their outstanding advantages. Today Jialifu will contrast them.


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Traditional lockers are made of iron or wood.

1. Water & Moisture Resistance

Firstly, these two materials only can be used in dry environment. For example, iron locker will get rust in wet environment; wood locker will get musty in wet environment. However, HPL lockers and plywood lockers are both waterproof and moistureproof, extremely suitable for wet environment.

2. Fire Resistance

Secondly, neither iron locker nor wooden locker are fireproof, while HPL locker and plywood locker are fireproof, so the latter one must be more safe in public.

3. The Use Life

Thirdly, iron locker and wooden locker just can be used 3-5 years, while plywood lockers can be used 8-10 years, even HPL locker can be used 15-20 years. It is not difficult find that HPL locker plywood locker > iron locker = wooden locker.

In short, it is a trend that new material lockers will totally replace traditional lockers in the future.


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