How to choose commercial bathroom partitions?

commercial bathroom partitions

Picking the right commercial bathroom partitions for a business can be very challenging. And that’s because you want to make sure these partitions are durable, reliable and they don’t need a lot of maintenance. On top of that, you have a budget to abide by, so tracking all of that is very challenging.

What type of installations will you use?

The design will usually bring in up to 4 different methods that you can use to install the bathroom partitions. The cheapest option most of the time is to have the partitions overhead braced and mounted on the floor. Obviously this works great with concrete or wood floors. You can have a headrail made out of aluminum and which is anti-grip, as that can help with stability and a lot of people will need it.

In case you have a bathroom with a really low ceiling, you have to mount the commercial bathroom partitions on the floor, there’s no way around it. For this approach the pilasters need a firm mount, and that means quite the concrete flooring depth you need to have there.

Of course there’s also the option to have ceiling-hung partitions. In order to do that you need to have ceiling supports made out of steel and they have to be strong enough to withstand the installation and overall weight. You mount the pilasters on the supports and panels to the walls. Cleaning the bathroom will be easier this way since you have more control.

Lastly, you have the floor-to-ceiling installation. This one requires you to have strong ceiling supports and a great concrete floor, because you need to mount pilasters to both of them.

How can you choose the best materials and colors for commercial bathroom partitions?

Ideally you want to think about material costs. The cheapest option is baked enamel painted steel over a paper honeycomb core, but you have to realize that the life expectancy is not very high here, so keep that in mind. Then there’s solid phenolic, a very dense material with multiple layers, this one can be scratched with ease.

Stainless steel can work too but it can be prone to rust, and it needs regular maintenance. Solid color reinforced composite is suitable for high traffic commercial bathroom partitions, that being said you have a limited number of colors and the price is high. And lastly you have high-density polyethylene, this works great because it resists to mildew, bacteria, scratches, and mold. It’s suitable particularly for medical facilities and restaurants, but it can be used anywhere since it offers great results.

It’s also important to know what color you want for the commercial bathroom partitions. Thankfully choosing a good color is not as hard, unless you go for a material like solid color reinforced composite. But most materials have lots of textures and colors to choose from. You can opt for a shade that’s similar to the bathroom interior, or you can pick a theme and go with the total opposite color.

One thing is certain, finding the right commercial bathroom partitions is all about understanding the color, theme, and material you want to use. The installation method is also important, because it might limit you to certain materials or colors. Use these tips and ideas, then you will have no problem finding the right commercial bathroom partitions to suit your needs!

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