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Hi! Jump Park, Germany

Changing room cubicle, Lockers and benches in Minden, Germany

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Hi! Jump Park is a special kind of trampoline park. From July 1st, 2021, jump enthusiasts of all ages can look forward to a trampoline experience in Minden, Germany with maximum sport and fun factor in a unique atmosphere!

After receiving the mock-up of cubicles and lockers, Chido was satisfied with the quality and design. And the order was concluded very quickly. To match the theme color of the park, all of the changing room cubicles, lockers and benches are made of blue, red and black color. There are different types of lockers for this project, 2 tier lockers, 3 tier lockers, 4 tier lockers, and z lockers. In this way, the visitors can choose any lockers that suit their stuff's storage.


The changing room cubicles are made of 12mm thick compact laminate with 304 stainless steel accessories, each cubicle with one changing room bench inside. All changing room benches are made of compact laminate seating top in blue, and powder coated steel base in black.

While the changing room lockers are made of compact laminate doors with plywood cases, which are durable and cost-effective.

Z lockers-jialifu
4 tier lockers-jialifu

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