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4 Warning Signs The School Locker Need To Replace

The safety of school locker is very important. Students are often in touch with school lockers to keep the materials for their studies. If there are serious damage and wear or other problems in lockers, It will be dangerous when students using the locker. So if the locker in your school are starting to show signs of wear and damage, it may be time to consider updating them. Here are some warning signs which imply the school locker need to replace.


Signs that you need to replace a school locker

1. Wear and tear becomes irreversible

When there is too much of rusting on the stainless steel lockers, the call for a cure or a replacement creeps in. A rusted locker not only spoils the aesthetics but can also prove to be harmful to the students if they hurt themselves. The dent is yet another prominent reason that could motivate the management to replace their old-school lockers with a more dynamic one. The deeper the dents the more inconvenience it would cause to the students and hence demands to be replaced. In short, When a school locker has a major amount of wear and tear, which has undergone repairs and renovation a lot many time, the need to replace intensifies.

2. Too much graffiti to handle

Graffiti is a common problem in all schools, especially middle school and high school. A locker in the school premises is prone to rough handling and graffiti that when not kept in check would result in too much of graffiti over a period of time. Too much of graffiti affects not only the look but also the security of the school lockers, that results in a replacement. In order to remove the graffiti, you’ll need to repaint the locker. Not only will this bump up your maintenance costs, but it can lead to VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions in your school. When there’s offensive graffiti present on your lockers, your hands are pretty much tied.

3. The cost of maintaining your lockers keep getting higher

Usually, the final straw for knowing when it’s time to update your lockers is when your maintenance costs have reached an all-time high. Instead of enduring these costs, as well as the time spent on maintaining your lockers, you should seek out a more cost-effective solution. This can allow you to not only update your lockers, but you can use this time to utilize a better material that can withstand the elements that have worn down your current lockers.

4. The need to add vibrancy to the school premises

Sometimes the need to scrap out the old traditional look of the school premises boosts the urge to replace your school locker. The market out there has a variety of options available that helps in bringing about a vibrant look to the surroundings.

Things to consider when reinvesting in a school locker

1. Pick the stronger material

There are four materials for school lockers in the market, including HPL compact laminate, plywood, medium density fiberboard and particle board. Those board made for changing room lockers all can play excellent performance with their own features and advantages. If possible, we always lean towards HPL compact laminate board as opposed to other kind of material. Jialifu compact laminate board also called HPL solid phonelic board, which is made of decorative colored paper that contains leaching melamine resin. In addition, stacking multi-layer black or brown kraft paper that contains phenolic aldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resin up. Then, using steel plate to suppress on the state 150 Celsius degree 1430 psi.

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2. Go for low maintenance  

Another major factor to consider is low-cost maintenance. Steel lockers tend to need fresh coats of paint throughout their lifespan. When the kraft paper core of Phenolic plastic absorbs moisture and grows mold, they usually need to be replaced. Laminate lockers can lose their protective coating, leaving their wooden interior exposed to the elements. HDPE plastic, on the other hand, can stand up to humidity and moisture, doesn’t require repainting, and its hinges remain intact over the years.

Excessive maintenance on your changing room is never fun. Whether you’ve to tighten the screws, adjust the hardware, or paint over graffiti regularly, you’ll notice that the costs and the man hours go up. Choosing a reliable material that can help you reduce your maintenance costs will not only save you money, but the materials will essentially pay for themselves after a few years.

3. Focus on locker style and elements

Personalized and welcoming design is getting important. To create a warm and positive  environment in changing room. It could be added some special design and color in changing room lockers. We could provide digital print and engraving pattern customization as need, making your lockers look like an artwork.

In summary

Replacing a school locker is indeed a time-consuming task but the results would be worth the efforts. If the school lockers are causing more harm than good then it is a clear indication for a replacement. Put down your needs and requirements and accordingly choose the best school locker for your students.

At Jialifu we have been designing lockers for over 17 years. Stylish, flexible and hard-working, these tried and tested products fit effortlessly into any washroom environment, whether it is a leisure centre or a school. We can also supply bench seating and cubicles to complete your changing room design.

Jialifu, a locker manufacturer, concentrated on HPL lockers for 16 years, offering free room design, free 3D pictures and installation support of the lockers. The locker material–HPL panel makes sure of the safety and stress bearing of the locker, which is water & fire & impact resistant, passing Intertek, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, SGS, CE. Besides, the locker inside is equipped with the clothes rail for hanging the clothes. In addition, layered structure is designed for setting the shoes. We can offer the customized sports lockers.


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