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How to Choose Wall Claddings

The modular design of the Jialifu wall claddings, in addition to making installation quick and easy, it can safely hide all kinds of pipelines in the building, and it is stable and durable, and presents a unique aesthetic at any time.


The compact laminate board is also called HPL board, Phenolic board. It is made of multi-layer black or brown cowhide phenolic or urethane resin, double face decorative color paper that immersed in melamine resin, laminated and pressed on 150°C steel plate at high pressure (1430psi).

It is water resistance, fire resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning, reliable quality and durability. Especially suitable for airport, stations, hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums and other places with high traffic.

Suggest Thickness: 4mm & 8mm

99% Antibacterial Rate

Jialifu inorganic fiber board is made of high-silicon quartz sand, mineral fiber cement and imported raw wood pulp fiber. It ismade by high temperature autoclaving with pulp mixing and mixing. The surface is impregnated with melamine pulp byspecial decorative paper and made by high temperature and high pressure.

The product has the characteristics of antibacterial, environmental protection, impact resistance, super scratch resistance and long-lasting color, with class A fire rating.

Available Thickness: 4.5mm-8mm

Class A Fire Rating

Jialifu metal honeycomb board is formed of aluminum alloy honeycomb covered by high quality stainless steel or aluminum plate with PUR technology, it has excellent characteristics on light weight, environmental protection, no deformation, meanwhile, with grade A fire resistance. With various surface colors, fine texture, it is popularly used for high-demand public places such as shopping malls, office buildings and airports.

Available Thickness: 4mm-50mm

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Still Question About Jialifu Wall Cladding?

Three types of plates, Compact Laminate Board, Inorganic Fiber Board and Metal Honeycomb Board, are available to meet the different needs of moisture resistance, fire resistance, high purity and acid and alkali corrosion resistance. With a wide range of colors and rich shapes, Jialifu wall claddings can meet the designer's high requirements.

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