The Right Material for Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

stainless steel toilet partitions.jpg

As commonly thought, stainless steel toilet partitions are made of stainless steel or iron. However, metallic aluminum is the common material of metal toilet partition.

Why metallic aluminum is used more? The reasons are following.

First of all, Stainless steel and iron are easy to be rust under wet environment, while metallic aluminum is anti-rust.

Secondly, it has requirements on the thickness of panels for toilet partitions, but stainless steel and iron have heavy weight themselves, if it needs to increase thickness, it must be to heavy to bear weight. Comparing with them, metallic aluminum would be lighter.

Thirdly, metallic aluminum play good performance on sound insolation.

JIALIFU metal honeycomb is made of aluminum core and aluminum or zinc surface, with better features than others. Metal honeycomb toilet partitions are waterproof, fireproof, moistureproof, extremely suitable for wet environment.