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8 Features Of Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions

Stainless steel bathroom partitions are the classic bathroom partition widely used in many commercial place. Due to its stable structure and strong material, it still be popular among other bathroom partition materials. These are lots of advantages and features of it you would like to know.

stainless steel bathroom partitions


Regular steel is made of iron which will rust when exposed to moisture, either in the form of rain or ambient humidity. It is not suitable to be used in the bathroom. Jialifu stainless steel bathroom partitions are made by stainless steel honeycomb panels which are made of stainless steel or galvanized steel surface and honeycomb core. Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance, and familiar lustre make it an ideal material for bathroom partitions. Galvanizing is a zinc coating applied to sheets of steel through a process called “continuous hot-dip”, in which steel sheet passes through a bath of molten zinc. The liquid zinc bonds to the iron in the steel forming a protective layer on both sides of the sheet. The steel sheet can then be spun into a finished part because the zinc coating does not flake or peeling off during the metal spinning process.

People may think the honeycomb structure of inner core is not strong enough to bear the frequent wear in the bathroom. We guarantee that would not happen in our products. Because not only we have already experimented about the steady for hundred times, but also have lots of projects installation in many countries. The structure offers a sandwich panel with excellent rigidity at minimal weight.

2. Light

Compared with other bathroom partition, stainless steel bathroom partitions are lighter than those because of the honeycomb structure. Honeycomb structures are natural or man-made structures that have the geometry of a honeycomb to allow the minimization of the material used to reach minimal weight and maximum strength. A honeycomb structure provides a material with least density and relative high compression properties and shear properties. Jialifu apply this special structure into bathroom partition with exquisite technology to overcome the tradition metal bathroom partition. Jialifu is always on the way to pursuit the innovation and development of manufacturing.

3. Water resistance

Made of stainless steel or galvanized steel surface and honeycomb core Jialifu stainless steel honeycomb panels adapts the fine fluorine carbon aluminum sheet as the face, various specifications and models aluminum honeycomb as core, combining the panels with the media-temperature curing SY-24 Baviation glue, and finally choose the oxidation treatment metal panels as the baseboard to make into the metal honeycomb panel. All of our stainless steel will be sealed with alloy aluminium edge. This makes it possible to be used in the wet environment like shower room.

stainless steel bathroom partitions

4. Fire resistance

Fire fighting is the most important aspect in commercial and public places. For key units for fire control safety, regular monitoring and inspection shall be conducted. Because if the place caught fire, it can not only damage public facilities, but also threaten many people’s life. Jialifu is absolutely comply with all fire safety rules in our bathroom partition design and R&D. We choose the fireproof material for bathroom partition. Stainless steel surface offers the best value in fireproofing. The inner honeycomb core is made by aluminum metal. It has good sealing and heat insulation performance. That is mean it is resistant to fire.

5. Corrosion resistant

Galvanized steel is regular steel sheets that have been coated in zinc to make them corrosion resistant. Stainless steels are notable for their corrosion resistance, which increases with increasing chromium content. Molybdenum additions increase corrosion resistance in reducing acids and against pitting attack in chloride solutions. Thus, there are numerous grades of stainless steel with varying chromium and molybdenum contents to suit the environment the alloy must endure. Thus stainless steels are used where both the strength of steel and corrosion resistance are required. The finished part resists corrosion without any additional or secondary painting or coating, making galvanized spinnings the most economical process for protecting steel from corrosion.

6. Durable

Using the right materials in public restrooms is important. Not only will the doors be slammed shut periodically, but there are other factors, like moisture and humidity, that can contribute to early wear. Using highly durable materials can help you combat the elements and the hits that partitions can take. Stainless steel bathroom partition is a durable, low maintenance material and is often the least expensive choice in a life cycle cost comparison. With the special structure and strong material, stainless steel bathroom partitions are durable enough to be used for 20 years.

7. Easy to clean and low maintain

There should be a regular cleaning for toilet partition to improve durability even to keep the good appearance. Regular maintenance is important when it comes to the restrooms in public. However, to make your workload and life easier, choose partition materials that are low maintenance. The ways of partitions cleaning should vary for different toilet partitions materials.  Stainless stell is The dust in the surface of stainless steel toilet partitions can be cleaned easily with warm water, soap bar or low alkaline detergent.

8. Sustainable&Eco-friendly

On major issue which affects material selection of bathroom partition is whether or not the material is recyclable. If the sourcing of a material proves to be damaging to the environment then a number of issues are raised. However, the stainless steel industry has proven to be extremely environmentally friendly. It is 100% recyclable.This is because it uses primary energy sparingly, saves non-renewable sources and limits the waste stream. Stainless steel bathroom partitions will never become useless at the end of its life and this is because stainless steel can be separated systematically and thus can enter the recycling system. Stainless steel therefore isn’t consumed but is rather sustained.


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