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10 Ways To Improve Durability For Toilet Partitions

We are here to give you 10 ways to improve durability for toilet partitions as a guide. Hope this helps.



1. Install gently

Although most materials of toilet partitions like compact laminatePVC panel, solid plastic are strong with the features of high density and firmness, it is not suggested to move violently. If the partition inside has been destroyed, even a little bit, its service life would be decreased. The excellent features of different kinds of toilet partition materials can work only in the situation that the materials haven’t been broken.

2. Hardware packs

When caretakers or site managers carry out regular checks, particular attention will be given to the state of cubicle hardware. The locks, handles, coat hooks and hinges see significant use and often need replacement. It’s a good idea to have an ample supply of replacement hardware on site. Our Jialifu hardware packs provide stainless steel fittings for an entire partition; including door lock, hinges, partition support legs, handle and corner fasteners. We offer a range of stainless steel hardware packs. Best suited the need of you.

3. Clean correctly

There should be a regular cleaning for toilet partition to improve durability even to keep the good appearance. The ways of partitions cleaning should vary for different toilet partitions materials. For compact laminate, clean with warm water and mild soap or detergent, using a cloth or sponge. For stains that are not removed with the use of mild detergent, use a paste of baking soda and water. However, the use of an abrasive cloth or acidic cleaning solution is not recommended. For particle board, please do not clean with water and alkali soda in order to avoid degumming and being moisture and moldy. You can use the wet dishrag to clean and than make it dry immediately. The dust in the surface of stainless steel toilet partitions can be cleaned easily with warm water, soap bar or low alkaline detergent.




4. Fix Scratches

Nicks, scratches and cuts are inevitable with any high-use product, including solid surface. But because the toilet partition materials are solid, it is easy to renew to its original appearance as described below.

Minor damage, including scratches, general or chemical stains, scorches or burns, and minor impact marks, can be repaired on-site with a light abrasive cleanser. For heavier damage, light sanding may be necessary. The following steps should be followed: Identify the extent of the damage and ascertain whether a minor repair will solve the problem. If the damage is minor, try to repair it with an abrasive cleanser or other products.If those are unsuccessful, you can consult a professional for other repair options.

5. Increase ventilation

Do you think there are always persistent damp problems in washroom? Well you’re not alone. The wet humid nature of this environment means this wash space is prone to this kind of issue. Sure, many washroom have high windows kept ajar. But proper ventilation from extractor fans is perhaps your best option for getting moisture to escape the room and eradicate the problem once and for all.

Try to keep and increase the ventilation of washroom, and don’t make much water stay at the partition surface for a long time. Otherwise, there would be a degumming problem of partitions and then reduce their service life..

6. Avoid direct-sun exposure

Being exposed to the sun for a long time is not good for toilet partition maintenance. Increasing ventilation is not meaning to install them in the place under the blazing sun for quite a long time. Some toilet partitions are easy to fade with the harsh rays of the sun. In addition, some would  be out of shape. More seriously, there will be cracks in the surface of toilet partition. That means that kind of partition need to be fixed or exchanged immediately.   

7. Put varnish on solid wood materials

Varnish is a transparent, hard, protective finish or film that is primarily used in wood finishing but also for other materials. Varnish has little or no color, is transparent, and has no added pigment, as opposed to paints or wood stains, which contain pigment and generally range from opaque to translucent. It is suitable to varnish for solid wood toilet partition once every few years. It is not only anti-fading, but also maintaining a slick finish. However, please note that don’t varnish too much to make different temperature on the inside and outside. Otherwise, it would make the partition split.



8. Avoid hot stuff touching

It is not allowed that let something hot and thermal touch the toilet partition directly. Most toilet partitions are covered with a thin veneer which is easy to be destroyed. There would be  blistering and cracking in the surface of toilet partition, especially some partition materials with inferior quality.

9.Choose the suitable floor material

Washroom flooring is an area often overlooked. If your washroom is suffering from poor flooring, or the wear and tear damage to the surface is becoming more frequent, you may want to look at replacing it. You can choose a material which has non-slip properties and curve up where the floor meets the walls, rising for a few inches. This delivers a completely water resistant surface and prevents any leaked or split water from seeping into the fabric of the building. It also makes the washroom easier to clean and wet. Therefore, the service life of toilet partition have been prolonged.

10. keep a pro-active Stance

Lastly, one of the best ways to improve durability, is to stay on top of the small problems as and when they arise. Nipping things in the bud goes a long way to lengthening the life of your washroom. If partitions need re-grouting, perhaps do it as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the problem to worsen. A routine maintenance check needs to be carried out often, paying particular attention to things like the hinge movements, locks, handles and corner fasteners and other hardware.

Collectively, this list can be used as a guide when you want to improve the durability of toilet partitions. However, when carrying out ongoing repairs, these individual upgrades can markedly improve your facilities in both functionality and durability.

If you have any questions about us and our products, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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