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pvc toilet partition

BIC Office Building, a business information center aims to contribute to the development of sustainable & competitive Cambodian SMEs. BIC will promote transparency and effectiveness in implementing related laws and regulations for private enterprises. With this, BIC will serve as a platform to provide easy access to reliable information for SMEs particularly in areas related legal and regulations including registration and licensing; and business operations such as market opportunities, business development service, access to finance, trainings and networking.

Sotheary nom was the contractor chosen to undertake the works. After comparing different materials, he chose our HPL-PVC toilet partition to the office bathroom. Quality and durability were huge considerations for this project. Jialifu pvc toilet partition is an extremely robust system, making it perfect for high traffic areas. It is consisting of the facing HPL with the inner core PVC which makes it widely popularly used for toilet cubicles, whcih makes it become the ideal replacements of the timber, alu timber and composite board. The colour scheme chosen for this project is our wood grain color, 7149D8, a exquisite and elegant style for office bathroom. Mr.Sotheary nom thought Jialifu followed their programme of works and met all his timescales, completing the areas to a very high standard. He said Jialifu team were very professional.

 pvc toilet partition

Project Overview:


18mm HPL-PVC board                                              


Overal Height=1930mm(including 100mm supporting leg), Depth=1460mm, Width=2830mm


wood color 7149D8                                        


304 stainless steel hardware 79# series & aluminum profile


21 Cubicles