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Light Indicator System | LED Light Toilet Cubicle Partitions


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Light Indicator System | LED Light Toilet Cubicle Partitions

HPL Toilet Partitions

Jialifu Led light toilet cubicle partitions with advantages of water, fire, moisture, impact resistance is popular in nowaday. The Led light only 24v, that means it is safe for use, no need to worry about hurting people. What’s more, all the wires are hidden in the pilaster, which is both simple and full of technology, leading the toilet cubicle to intelligent. The light have four color, but you can only choose two. When there is someone in toilet, it become red, while nobody: lights off, greenblue or white.

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Light Indicator System

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Toilet Partition Materials

Jialifu have 6 kinds of toilet partition materials to suit your projects, what’s more, we can offer custom made solution if you like.

Compact Laminate Toilet Partition

Most cost effective choice–Waterproof, fireproof and impact resistant, with a service life of 10-20 years
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HPL-PVC Toilet Partition

Best Waterproof choice–Suitable for wet area, especially shower room with compecttive price.
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HPL Honeycomb Toilet Partition

High end choice–Concealed hardware, simple and full of modern beauty with super performance.
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Glass Honeycomb Toilet Partition

Most modern design choice–Glossy glass surface keeps the entire bathroom glamorous at all times, showing the luxury feeling.
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Stainless Steel Toilet Partition

Most durable choice–304 or 316 stainless steel surface with aluminum honeycomb core gives it unmatched durability.
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Powder Coated Toilet Partition

Most fire-resistant choice–A1 grade fire-resistant powder coated steel finish metal toilet partition material with affordable price.
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Toilet Partition Styles

Jialifu offers four types of common toilet partition styles: Headrail braced partition, Floor anchored partition, Floor to ceiling partition and Ceiling hung partition.

Headrail braced toilet partition

Headrail braced toilet partition

Floor anchored toilet partition

Floor anchored toilet partition

Ceiling hung toilet partition

Floor to ceiling toilet partition

Ceiling hung toilet partition

Toilet Partition Color

There are hundreds of colors to choose from, besides, different materials have different colors

toilet partition colour

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About Jialifu

Jialifu achieved production of intelligence, datamation and refinement through introducing advanced production machines, including PUR composite panel production, automatic router production, automatic edge bonding machine, intelligent cutting machine.

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Jialifu PUR machine
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Jialifu cutting machine
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Jialifu Office Building

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    Changing Room Cubicle


    Head rail braced


    Solid phenolic board


    (H)1950*(W)1000*(D)1200mm (Available for customization)


    Antique white and red (A wide range of colors for your choice)


    Intertek, CE, SGS, ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008