How many toilet stalls are required?

toilet stall

One thing to keep in mind when you are picking toilet stall is figuring out how many you need. This will help organize the space adequately and it will totally be worth it. One thing to consider most of the time is that you really need a great attention to detail to what people need and you will enjoy the experience quite a bit.

Do you need more toilet stalls for women than men?

This is another thing to consider here. You need to have separate bathrooms for men and women too. And as you know, women do need a toilet stall more than men. While men can use a urinal, women all need a toilet stall. Which is why you need a toilet stall for every 10 women that resides in or visits your business. Ideally you want the same amount of washbasins as toilet stalls, just to be safe. For 100 women you might need 8 toilet stalls and washbasins, then upwards of that number you will need 1 toilet and washbasins for every 25 women.

In the case of men, you do need to add the same amount of toilet stalls and urinals. But since there are urinals, you will not need so many toilet stalls when compared to women. Ideally you want to have a toilet stall for every 25 men in your premises. 4 toilet stalls for 100 men is a good idea, and then you can add a new stall for every 50 men that will visit your business.

Is it expensive to add toilet stalls?

That will depend on multiple factors. It all comes down to the materials that you use and the features that you expect. For the most part however this is a great investment and one that will end up paying off pretty well if you tackle this correctly. The experience will shine and you will not be disappointed as time goes by for sure. We do encourage you to make sure that the installation process is adequate too. Otherwise you will have to deal with extra costs and things like that will end up being a problem and you want to avoid it as much as you can.

That being said, think about the materials that you want to use. Stainless steel might sound great, but it’s also very expensive if you use it as a toilet stall material. That’s why you really have to adapt to the situation and then go from there. It will be a good option to consider all challenges and features before you commit.

It’s always a good idea to have more toilet stalls just to be safe. You never really know how many toilet stalls are required, so might as well ensure that you have more of them instead of a single one. That will be worth it, as long as you know what you are getting into here. Yes there will be some demanding situations, but it will totally be worth it!

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