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Gym Locker Room | Locker for Changing Room


1. Waterproof, rustproof, fireproof, impact resistance
2. Easy maintenance
3. 15-20 years use life
4. Available for customization


Gym Locker Room | Locker for Changing Room

Why gym locker room is necessary for gym, swimming pool, and other sport places? Because it will bring convinence to people. Jialifu locker for changing room can meet different needs of you, ranging from natural features such as water, fire, moisture, impact resistance, to offering survice like overlong warranty, 24-hours online survice, and so on. 

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Locker Materials

Jialifu have compact laminate, plastic laminate and plywood lockers to suit your projects, in addition, we can also provide MDF or MFC materials.

Compact Laminate (Phenolic HPL Board)

Most durable choice–Waterproof, fireproof and impact resistant, with a service life of 15-20 years.

Plastic Laminate

Cost effective choice–Plastic laminate is a hard, durable, and attractive material that’s also moisture-proof as well as heat and stain resistant.


Eco-friendly choice–Plywood is a remarkably strong composite typically made of thin veneers, this material is categorised as E0 grade.

Product Name Jialifu Compact Laminate Locker Jialifu Plastic Laminate Locker Jialifu Plywood Locker
Edge Black core, without edge sealing PVC banding PVC banding
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Rustproof Yes Yes Yes
Fireproof Yes Yes Yes
Inpact resistance Yes No No
Weight Heavy Light Light
Maintenance Easy Easy Easy
Durability 15-20 Years 10-15 Years 8-10 Years
Application Wet or dry areas Wet or dry areas Wet or dry areas

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Locker Combination

Jialifu offers 1 tier to 6 tier and Z type locker, the standard size is 300mm*400mm*1900mm. We recommend that you choose one to four column lockers, for it’s a more cost-effective choice. If necessary, we can also customize various sizes.

Locker combination

Locker Color

There are hundreds of colors to choose from, besides, different materials have different colors

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Locker Design

Jialifu will design the locker as your layout and requirements, and provide free 3D pictures within 24 hours.

Jialifu L2001 Series
Jialifu L2001 Series
Jialifu L2002 Series
Jialifu L2002 Series
Jialifu L2003 Series
Jialifu L2003 Series
Jialifu L2004 Series
Jialifu L2004 Series
Jialifu L2005 Series
Jialifu L2005 Series
Jialifu L2006 Series
Jialifu L2006 Series

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Locker Accessories

Jialifu will design the locker as your layout and requirements, and provide free 3D pictures within 24 hours.

Lock Options

Lock Options

Number Plates & Ventilation

Number Plates

Lock Wristbands

RFID Lock Wristbands

About Jialifu

Equipped with an professional design team, as well as multiple national invention patents, Jialifu achieved production of intelligence, datamation and refinement through introducing advanced production machines, including PUR composite panel production, automatic router production, automatic edge bonding machine, intelligent cutting machine.

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