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Changing Room Lockers | With Benches

1. Waterproof, rustproof, fireproof, impact resistance
2. Easy maintenance
3. 15-20 years use life
4. Available for customization





Why changing room lockers become necessary in many sport places? Because it will bring both convenience and safety to both people. On the one hand, it must be convenient for people to storage their personal stuff; on the other hand, it will decrease crisis of stealing, making people enjoy sports without warries. Jialifu change lockers can meet different needs of you, ranging from natural features such as water, fire, moisture, impact resistance, to offering service like overlong warranty, 24-hours online service, and so on. 



Lock Option




Color Option  (Jialifu color chart for changing room lockerscolor range.pdf )

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Project Overview


Product Name Project Nation Amount
Change Locker
Aqaba Training Stadium Jordan 561 sets
Gym Lockers
CALI  GYM Cambodia 54 sets
Changing Room Lockers
Gymnasium Qatar 119 sets
Locker Room Lockers
Liza Milian Spa Health & Wellness Center Puerto Rico 47 sets





Whole panel Locker


HPL board




Black and yellow