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1. Waterproof & fireproof, easy daily clean
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3. Passed ISO, CE, SGS, Intertek certificates


Solid Phenolic Board


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Solid phenolic toilet partitions are common in the market, but the quality may not assured. Jialidu changing room cubicles are not stylish in appearance only, but have sound quality, with advantages of water, fire, moisture, impact resistance.



Materials Option

pvc changing room cubicles.jpg hpl honeycomb changing room cubicles.jpg metal honeycomb changing room cubicles.jpg
PVC Changing Room Cubicle HPL Honeycomb Changing Cubicle Metal Honeycomb Change Cubicle


Material Solid Phenolic Board PVC Metal Honeycomb  HPL Honeycomb
Durability 10-20 years 15-20 years 20 years 25 years
Clean & Maintian Easy Easy Easy Easy
Color fading No
No No No
Deformation Not easy
Never Never Never
Weight Heavy Light Light Light
Environment friendly  No 89%-95% recycle 100% recycle 72%-87% recycle
Water resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application Office, school, hotel, hospital Office, hotel, hospital,

 shopping mall

Commercial center, 

hotel, office

5 star hotel, high grade commercial center



Company Overview


solid phenolic toilet partitions company overview.jpg

JIALIFU is one of brands of Guangdong Yuhua Building Materials Co. Ltd.. We have focused on solid phenolic changing room cubicles, for 16 years, with solid strength, including plant area of 3000 square meters, 6 production lines, 26 sets of machines, employees over 60.Our products are exported to distant markets overseas not only for the high quality, but for the reliable guarantees, including sweet after-sale service, overlong warranty.


Changing Room Cubicle


Head rail braced


Solid phenolic board


(H)1950*(W)1000*(D)1200mm (Available for customization)


Antique white and red (A wide range of colors for your choice)


Intertek, CE, SGS, ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008

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