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Diamond Twin Tower, Cambodia

Glass and stainless steel toilet partitions for DDT tower in Cambodia


Diamond Twin Tower is the latest and greatest mixed-use mega tower in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, located on the banks of the Mekong River in Phnom Penh Hottest Growth Corridor-The Diamond Island. This project has 32 floors which have 2 towers of condos and offices. Jialifu supplied the toilet cubicles and shower cubicles for the whole building.

Diamond Twin Tower

After preliminary negotiations, Ms. Dan and her team came to China and visited more than four manufacturers of toilet cubicles. She said frankly to us that she wants high-class and stylish products for the whole project. Most of the building materials for this project were imported from Europe. When introduced to our showroom, she found the toilet cubicle Mock-up with glass composite doors very appealing to her.

After fully understanding the needs of customers, Jialifu finally put forward the toilet compartment solution of tempered glass composite panels for doors, stainless steel composite panels for pilasters, and composite panels for partition panels. And solved the tech. questions face to face with the clients.

Diamond Twin Tower

After comparison, Ms. Dan finally decided to work with Jialifu. She placed an order for a trial after the Jialifu design team submitted the shop drawings and 3D pictures. The trial order went well, and the project landed quickly.

As it's a brand new solution, we met some problems too. Jialifu solved them all in time. For example, while the client met some problems with installation, Jialifu sent the engineer quickly to the project site in Phnom Penh to guide the installation. Finally, the project was completed excellently.
The glass composite boards became a trending new material for toilet cubicles.
It is a pleasure to work with clients like Ms. Dan and her team who has the spirit of excellence, innovative ideas, and care for details.

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