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Spa lockers and locker room benches at Club Dynasty, Canada


Club Dynasty is an upscale health spa in Toronto, Canada.

Club Dynasty told that they want to upgrade the locker room, at the beginning, Michael did not have ideas for the locker room, after our face-to-face meeting, he understand the lockers more. We got the 3D images from his designer, all lockers are required to hang on the wall, with LED lights around them. There's no denying it is much better than the old one, and very attractive.

We can imagine that the visitors should be joyful and relaxed when they sit in this changing room.

3d image

Team Jialifu help Club Dynasty to achieve the design that they want.

Below are specifications of the spa lockers, and locker room benches

Spa lockers (WALL HUNG MODEL)

Material : 12mm thick Solid phenolic doors,18mm thick plywood body.

Overall size: W400*D600*H1810mm, single door with ventilation slot
Accessories: RFID lock with corresponding wristband, hanging rod, wall hanging supporting

Locker room benches

Material : 80mm thick beige leather surface cushion+12mm compact laminate for seating top, matt black powder coated steel frame.

Overall size: Length from 825 to 1682mm, width 450mm, seating height=442mm

JIALIFU Spa lockers and locker room benches at CLUB DYNASTY

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